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Rosemary Muñoz

Rosemary is a licensed clinical social worker in New York and New Jersey. She earned her BA in psychology from Stony Brook University, followed by a Masters in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College and a Masters in Social Work from Lehman College. With experience in both the legal and healthcare systems, Rosemary has supported families in family court, assisted 9/11 survivors, and worked with pregnant and postpartum individuals.


She holds a Perinatal Mental Health Certification from Postpartum Support International. Specializing in infertility, perinatal, postpartum, and life transitions, Rosemary offers compassionate therapy. While she assists anyone with depression, anxiety, or challenging situations, her primary focus is empowering individuals during these unique journeys. Employing mindfulness and a strength-based approach, Rosemary aims to cultivate resilience and foster your overall well-being.

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